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About Us

Laos is a country in South East Asia with about 6.8 million people. The main language is Lao with about half of the population speaking it. The rest is split between many minority languages. The main religion is Buddhism.

Bible work in Laos started in 1902 by The Bible Society of Indochina (a branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society). Afterward, The Bible Society in Laos was established in 1966 but was disrupted in 1975. Currently, there is no formal Bible Society in the country. Regardless, Scripture translation and production continues through partnerships between the United Bible Societies and local churches. Our team in Vientiane continues with the same vision as our predecessors and colleagues around the world - to make the Word of God accessible to all people.

What we do?

We exist to provide access to the Bible. We do that through our current projects: Translation, Distribution, and Literacy.

Translation - We have translated the Bible into the Lao language and have projects in numerous minority languages.
Distribution - We partner with local churches with our many distribution centers to help get Bibles to the people.
Literacy - Being able to read is important for Scripture engagement. We provide literacy training for the poor and minorities so that they can read the Bible in Lao.

Get involved

We are supported by generous donations. Please consider supporting the work of Bible translation in Laos.

The Bible not only lays a strong foundation of faith for Christians, but is also life-transforming. Individuals and communities have been impacted and transformed by God's Word, as they read the Bible.
I believe that owning a Bible is the right of each individual, like any basic human right. Therefore, we seek to serve the Church by making Scripture available through Bible translation, Bible publication, and helping those who cannot read, so that each individual will discover spiritual wealth and have knowledge of God.
Chief Executive

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Laos Partnership

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